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【食】槟城威南 - 潮州菜粿祖传 @ 新帮安拔大发园粿条姨小食中心;TEOCHEW CHAIKUEY @ Taman Merak Jaya

english version is just right below the chinese post. 

但是自小印象中的爸爸,每每驾车到爪夷闻名三太子去拜拜,也不忘带我们去找吃 - 菜粿。冷酷的爸爸不爱旅行,所以现在回想当年的他还会带我们顺道找吃的这一幕,真的几难得以下。

老爸最爱吃的 - 菜粿。


不过初到威省,人生路不熟,还没找到传说中的爪夷菜粿老字号前,同事介绍了附近这家 - 新帮安拔大发园粿条姨小食中心的

好吧,明天就去吃 - 潮州菜粿祖传 @ 新帮安拔大发园粿条姨小食中心。

@ 新帮安拔大发园粿条姨小食中心
地址:Taman Merak Jaya


I am a pure Teochew, who loves to eat CHAIKUEY, especially the one with KUCHAI. 
Usually CHAIKUEY can come with sengkuang or kuchai as filling. 

My dad is always cool. The one without talking much or even smiling much to his family members. So to me. He is not even a food hunter but as what i could remember, he will smile happily (on and off) when brought us to eat CHAIKUEY at Jawi. I guess its his most favourite food that can make him smile naturally at last . 

Well, I got influenced by him at certain extend where I started to look for CHAIKUEY to eat since I transferred some where near Jawi not long time ago, though I dislike him at certain aspect. (Yuppp! All kids are rebellious and even when they have grown up. Haha. I still love him, though. Lol)

The one he brought me to was some where in Jawi (Sungai Bakap). I was too new to learn how to go to the old shop and my colleague recommends me to go to the nearby area which is located at Taman Merak Jaya.

This is the shop. 

The aunt selling the ChaiKuey.

The ChaiKueys are placed onto 2 big trays. 

Fot take a way less than 5 pieces, aunty will pack using plastic into form like this.

Close up of my favourite Teochew KuChai Kuey. 
Very thin layer and almost filled with lotsa kuchai in least oily style that looks so tempting. I am hungry at this hour of writing the post. 

The ChaiKuey is all time oily in the market as they will stick onto each other easily and the filling will come out easily when the outer layer got 'broken'.


@ 新帮安拔大发园粿条姨小食中心

address:Taman Merak Jaya (Shoplots at Taman Merak Jaya, facing main road。next to the shop selling curry rice。)

operating hour:7.45am until lunch hour。

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